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About Bookmarkbay

Bookmarkbay delivers the content that small business owners, managers and entrepreneurs care about, without all the noise:

* You share your business blog posts, other content, so that others can learn from your Benefits you reinforce a reputation as a thought leader and bring online visibility to your content.

* You discover what others have shared. Benefits: you make networking connections with other business people and stay informed.

The Bookmarkbay voting system curates content through the wisdom of the crowd.

The community votes on member-submitted tips, advice and other small business information, advancing the highest-quality posts to the home page.

From there the top stories make it into the Bookmarkbay Top 10 widget, weekly Top 10 newsletter, and twitter feed where they get even more visibility.

Read the FAQs. So, if you like something, vote for it. Or as we like to say, “give it a little" *** ”

SEO & Marketing: We are specialized in Internet Marketing and Web Ranking. Our Team cumulates a long experiment in communication resources, tools for diffusion of Internet WebSites..

Social Medias: We are a company that is passionate about social media and twitter itself, most recently, we decided to come up with a faster, better way to help companies be heard through social media while still keeping spam to a minimum. We're not interested in forcing antiquated marketing principals into the scene of social media. We are a company with big ideas and ideals. We are commited to helping our Customers..

The Moderators: A huge part of the success of Bookmarkbay is due directly to the dedicated, smart, friendly team of Moderators. Our Moderators are from diverse backgrounds around the world. They are here to make your experience a pleasant one. We are fightings "the spam" day after day and keep clean as possible all the datas succefully for you.

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